(version 1.0 beta)

PhasicMultiFX is a VST Effect plugin for Windows based VST Hosts, and looks like this :

The purpose of this plugin is to provide multiple, fully automated effects, in one plugin.

The order in which the effects are chained can be altered, by selecting the effect you wish to move, and clicking the arrows on the left of the display.
Output Gain cannot be moved however. Sometimes this will not have a significant audio effect, but sometimes different sounds can be acheived - try placing the WaveShaper before an active filter and then after it, or the delay before the flanger and then after it, to see the difference.

Each effect can also be enabled/disabled by clicking the activation checkbox for that effect. This means that effects not being used are not hogging processor usage, and as the active status of each is effect is automatable, effects can be turned on and off at will.

The effects include :

24dB Low-Pass Q-Shaping Filter

24dB High-Pass Q-Shaping Filter

These filters act in the same way as most resonant filters, until you turn up the Q-Shaping parameter that is. Q-Shaping performs a WaveShaping algorithm on a band of frequencies around the resonant frequency given a very fat overdrive effect to the filter. Cutoff, Resonance, and Q-Shaping are all automatable in a compatible host.


Again, this is basically a standard flanger, although the feedback can be turned up very high to give a metallic edge to the sound.
Unlike most flangers however, the PhasicMultiFX Flanger is not LFO controlled. The delay of the filter should be automated in the host, allowing the flanger to easily be synced to any tempo you require. This also means you can freeze the flanger at a specific delay, make the delay jump in steps, or do any number of crazy things that you can't usually do with a flanger.


This effect applies a custom WaveShaping algorithm to the sound, providing overdrive and harmonic distortion.


Don't need to explain this do I? It's a standard delay, but incorporates stereo bouncing.

Output Gain

Some of the other effects in the chain (particularly the filters and the WaveShaper can push the send levels up). Use the Output Gain to bring the levels down again so the output audio in the host doesn't clip.


As with any VST effect plugin, place it in your VSTPlugins (or equivalent) folder.
If in doubt, read you VST host documentation.


There is no support as such - this is freeware, but if you encounter a bug, or find that the plugin simply doesn't work in your VST host, please report the bug to Please state the nature of the bug, your operating system, your VST host, and any VST to DirectX adapters you may be using.

This plugin was developed and tested using Cakewalk Plasma 2003  (  on Windows 98, using VST-DX Adapter 4.1 (


If you would like to hear some music that was created using this plugin (amongst others), check out the MP3 tracks by Phasic, available at


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coding/design by Paul Ripley ~
February  2004

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