Phasic MultiShaper

(version 1.0 beta)

Phasic MultiShaper is a VST WaveShaping Effect plugin for Windows based VST Hosts, and looks like this :

What is Phasic MultiShaper?

Phasic MultiShaper allow the definition of 4 Wave Shaping envelopes, and allows these 4 envelopes to mixed together using the central 2 Dimensional mixing panel.

Each envelope starts in a default state that looks like this :

What this envelope means is that when the incoming signal us at -Infinity dB (silent), then then output signal is also at -Infinity dB, and when the input signal is at 0dB (maximum volume), the output signal is also at 0 dB. Therefore the signal is unchanged.

An extreme envelope could be like this :

This means that then incoming signal is completely inverted, so that a sine wave :

would become :

More complicated envelopes produce more complicated distortion patterns. Experiment to see what they sound like.

WARNING : Some distortion envelopes can significantly increase the output volume of the signal, so when trying new envelopes, ensure to turn down the volume on your speakers/headphones.

The author takes no responsibilty for any damage to speakers or ears caused by ignoring this warning!


To edit an envelope, simply draw a new envelope by holding the left mouse button down on an envelope window and drag the cursor.

To Reset to the default envelope, select Reset from the context menu (accessed by right clicking on the envelope you want to reset).

To Smooth an envelope, select Smooth from the context menu - keep selecting Smooth until the envelope is as smooth as required.

To change how the 4 envelopes are mixed together, drag the circle in the central mixing panel to the required position. The nearer the circle is to an envelope, the more that envelope is mixed.

E.g. if the circle is on one corner, only the nearest envelope is used, and if the circle is in the middle of the mixing panel, all 4 envelopes are mixed equally.

Envelope Mixing can be automated in a suitable sequencer - either arm the X Mix and Y Mix parameters, Start recording automation, and drag the mixing circle around, or create envelopes for X Mix and Y Mix, and manually edit the envelopes.

Wet/Dry mixing can also be automated.


As with any VST effect plugin, place it in your VSTPlugins (or equivalent) folder.
If in doubt, read your VST host documentation.


There is no support as such - this is freeware, but if you encounter a bug, or find that the plugin simply doesn't work in your VST host, please report the bug to Please state the nature of the bug, your operating system, your VST host, and any VST to DirectX adapters you may be using.

This plugin was developed and tested using Cakewalk Plasma 2003  (  on Windows 98, using VST-DX Adapter 4.1 (

As of March 11, 2004, this software has not been tested on any other systems. You could contribute to the testing by e-mailing, stating the name of the plugin, what sequencer you use, if you use a VST Adapter, and what operating system you have. Let me know if the plugin works on your system, and if it performs well.


If you would like to hear some music that was created using this plugin (amongst others), check out the MP3 tracks by Phasic, available at


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coding/design by Paul Ripley ~
February  2004

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